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Our Vision

Llama Group is a leader and pioneer in digital music. With an extensive know-how covering many sectors of its business, the group owns the iconic music platform Winamp, the copyright management company Bridger and the music licensing company Jamendo.

Llama Group aims to build the future of the music industry by continuously investing in the robustness and range of innovative solutions, as well as in the talent and capabilities of music-loving people.

Our mission : build the future of the music industry

The group lives by the values of its companies: empowerment, access, simplicity, and fairness. At its core, Winamp has always stood for empowerment and the love of music.

Winamp envisions a world where artists and fans are connected like never before through a cutting-edge music platform.

Bridger’s mission is to support songwriters by offering them an innovative and easy solution for online copyright collection.

Jamendo allows additional revenue streams to independent artists through licensing.

And finally, Hotmix offers a collection of more than sixty free, themed digital and music radio stations. 

A strong international footprint

The Llama Group has a strong international footprint and all of its brands operate globally.