Targetspot publishes its annual revenue and prepares to start a new chapter in its history.

19 January 2023

Presentation of the new Winamp strategy on the 24th of January.


Targetspot SA (ALTGS) announces its revenue for FY 2022.


Considering the sale of the Targetspot – Shoutcast digital audio business line to Azerion, which closed on 23 December 2022, the Group’s consolidated revenue includes:


Based on this scope, the revenue totals €28,369K for 2022, compared to €27,613K in 2021, an increase of 2.7%. At constant exchange rates, the change comes to -4.3%.


Launch of the new Winamp platform


The Winamp division’s activity (Bridger, Jamendo, and Winamp) on which the group is now totally recentred, totalled €1,991K in 2022, versus €2,245K in 2021. That revenue, generated solely by Jamendo (sale of music licences), is of little significance; the business line is expected to ramp up due to revenue associated with the new version of the iconic Winamp brand and its new platform, which will be launched globally from 28 February 2023.


With this in mind, an initial communication with investors on the promising prospects of the Winamp platform is scheduled for the 24th of January.